Jan Cherlet, PhD

Sustainability Analyst, Strategist, Writer

A holistic, multi-disciplinary view on sustainability

Dr. Jan Cherlet advises international organizations on how to increase their environmental and social sustainability.

He takes a systemic approach that is rooted in the multiple dimensions of sustainability and that is sensitive to the context in which the organizations work.

In 2021 he facilitated the development of a sustainability management strategy for the United Nations – the entire system of 52 entities.

In 2019-2020 he developed a sustainability framework for the World Food Programme – the world’s largest humanitarian organization and Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 2020.


Sustainability Strategies

Development of process-based strategies for organizations wishing to increase their environmental and social sustainability in a holistic manner

Science-based Target Setting

Formulation of action plans with science-based targets for organizations aiming to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions

Standards and Safeguards

Development of environmental and social standards and safeguard procedures for organizations

Footprint analyses

Mapping of the environmental and carbon footprint of organizations, with an identification of key areas for action

Risk and Impact Assessments

Assessment of the environmental and social risks and potential impacts of development projects

Sustainability Reporting

Reporting on the environmental and social sustainability of organizations following international standards such as the GRI



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